So what do WordPress Developers/Designers do and how do you find the best fit for you? With so many things to consider, it is important to ask a few questions when selecting a WordPress developer for your next project.

What they do:


  • WordPress Developer

A WordPress developer works as an architect and provides a complete array of services with solutions and ideas to meet your site structure and goals. Custom plugin development (where needed ) and integration with other site elements.

  • WordPress Designer

A WordPress designer focuses on user experience, without changing the core functionality.  

Since both parts of web development depend on each other, it’s common for WordPress specialists to have transferable skills across both developing and design – Such as CraftyInk 🙂 

What’s next:

Before you start looking for a developer, you’ll need to understand your own needs. For starters, consider whether you already have a design, a look and/or colour scheme mind?  What are the overall goals of your website and what features and functions will you need?  Whether it’s a ‘refresh’ on an existing site or a new development, the more information the better. 

Now that you have an idea of what type of site you need, it’s time to hunt down a developer. As you may expect, there are a few approaches you can take.

Where to find a Developer:

The good old fashioned online google search, Freelancer marketplaces, Facebook networking groups and finally, contacts in your industry or niche can help too. We also suggest checking out your friendly competitors or scour websites you like to see if you can find a “Created by…” link at the bottom. Many of the best developers are found ‘word of mouth’ and if people are happy, there’s no better social proof.

What to look for:

1: Look at their skill sets

Do they offer development and design?   Is any of their work outsourced?

2: Consider their past works

Developers generally have portfolios highlighting their past work.  Checking out any showcased works will help you determine the developer’s skill level and the type of work they have completed.

3: Ask questions

Verify they have the technique and capacity to achieve your objectives. Will the project be done to deadline and on budget.

4: How well to they communicate and listen?

No good having a plan if no one wants to hear it… Good developers should present a creative brief and directly discuss the project and it’s objectives.  In return, offer clear strategies to meet your goals and design.  We feel communication is an insight of a company’s working practices, professionalism, and time management. And to be honest, how well is the project going to turn out if they don’t take the time to understand your service/product and site goals.



Choosing a WordPress developer for your website can be daunting. There are many professionals vying for your work but they might not all meet your needs. The right developer will be able to work to fit your vision and provide plenty of support pre and post the launch.

 If you’re keen to get your business online or feel it’s time for an update, CraftyInk have great solutions for businesses big and small + we tick all the above boxes 😉

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